Foundation University


First Merit List for Bachelor of Business Administration

Dear Candidate,

Kindly login at for admission letter and fee slip. Please deposit dues in Askari bank (Preferably FURC branch) latest by August 11, 2020, otherwise, admission will be offered to the candidate next on merit. You may submit paid fee slip via email For any query/assistance contact the Admission office.

# Form No Name Father Name Last Date for Fee
1 120107888 Maha Mohsin Mohsin Muneer 11-Aug-2020
2 120106328 Iman Shahzad Shahzad Asghar 11-Aug-2020
3 120108980 Haniyah Khalid Khan Khalid Mehmood 11-Aug-2020
4 120109599 Safoora Akhtar Akhtar Zaman 11-Aug-2020
5 120110349 Sarah Jennifer Sultan Pervaiz 11-Aug-2020
6 120109942 Lamia Sarmad Sarmad Siddique Awan 11-Aug-2020
7 120107333 Lalain Khan Muhammad Sarbuland Khan 11-Aug-2020
8 120110394 Haika Ali Muhammad Ali 11-Aug-2020
9 120106695 Ajwad Irfan Muhmmad Irfan 11-Aug-2020
10 120110258 Humna Khalid Khalid Rashid 11-Aug-2020
11 120110203 Zaryab Shah Mohsin Ali Shah 11-Aug-2020
12 120106845 Ayesha Sultan Shahid Mahmood Kayani 11-Aug-2020
13 120108173 Syeda Sukana Hussain Rizvi Ejaz Hussain Rizvi 11-Aug-2020
14 120107241 Hafsa Khan Akbar Ayub Khan 11-Aug-2020
15 120108482 Ali Raza Arshad Mehmood 11-Aug-2020
16 120106594 Umer Javed Butt Khalid Javed Butt 11-Aug-2020
17 120105832 Laaiba Sheharyar Sheharyar Hassan Mirza 11-Aug-2020