Foundation University


First Merit List for Master of Business Administration

Dear Candidate,

Kindly login at for admission letter and fee slip. Please deposit dues in Askari bank (Preferably FURC branch) latest by September 2, 2020, otherwise, admission will be offered to the candidate next on merit. You may submit paid fee slip via email For any query/assistance contact the Admission office.

# Form No Name Father Name Last Date for Fee
1 120106158 Muhammad Aizaz Khan Khattak Sher Nawaz Khattak 02-Sep-2020
2 120111770 Hamza Sohail Butt Sohail Masood Butt 02-Sep-2020
3 120109075 Syed Saad Ali Lt Col Syed Tahir Hussain Shah 02-Sep-2020
4 120111161 Fariya Maqbool Maqbool Ali Khan 02-Sep-2020
5 120107194 Maria Rubab Muhammad Maroof 02-Sep-2020
6 120110355 Aiman Asad Asad Tabraiz 02-Sep-2020
7 120111775 Lyeba Ahmed Mukhtar Ahmed 02-Sep-2020
8 120105951 Shabir Hussain Khattak Liaqat Hussain Khattak 02-Sep-2020
9 120108667 Misbah Munawar Imran Munawar 02-Sep-2020
10 120110406 Zayad Naseer Butt Naseer Butt 02-Sep-2020
11 120107196 Fatima Asim Muhammad Asim 02-Sep-2020
12 120111526 Gohar E Nayab Tariq Aziz 02-Sep-2020
13 120106610 Muhammad Aamir Darwaiz Darwaiz Khan 02-Sep-2020
14 120112107 Malik Muhammad Umar Malik Ameer Muhammad 02-Sep-2020
15 120106215 Gul Nawaz Ashiq Hussain 02-Sep-2020
16 120106508 Nadir Aziz Ahmed Khan Sajjad Ahmed Khan 02-Sep-2020
17 120107953 Hafsa Arif Muhammad Arif Gorsi 02-Sep-2020
18 120111677 Muhammad Saad Shahid Shahid Rafique 02-Sep-2020
19 120110411 Tehreem Fatima Sajid Rehman 02-Sep-2020
20 120109024 Sannan Ur Rehman Ghias Ur Rehman 02-Sep-2020