Foundation University


Third Merit List for Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

Dear Candidate,

Kindly login at for admission letter and fee slip. Please deposit dues in Askari bank (Preferably FURC branch) latest by September 2, 2020, otherwise, admission will be offered to the candidate next on merit. You may submit paid fee slip via email For any query/assistance contact the Admission office.

# Form No Name Father Name Last Date for Fee
1 120110649 Salman Wahab Hassan Wahab 02-Sep-2020
2 120111683 Muhammad Zayan Altaf Khan Altaf Hussain Khan 02-Sep-2020
3 120111435 Ali Nawab Farhat Abbas 02-Sep-2020
4 120111750 Rafay Hassan Siddiqui Tahir Hassan 02-Sep-2020
5 120112094 Muhammad Ahmed Arshad Ahmed 02-Sep-2020
6 120112074 Rida Rafi Rafiullah Khan Niazi 02-Sep-2020
7 120112105 Moiz Saleem Kayani Muhammad Saleem 02-Sep-2020
8 120111344 Sayyam Safdar Muhammad Safdar Khan 02-Sep-2020
9 120112100 Moiz Ul Haq Siddiqui Ikram Ul Haq Siddiqui 02-Sep-2020
10 120111324 Adnan Ahmad Noor Majeed 02-Sep-2020
11 120110773 Manahil Safdar Safdar Hussain 02-Sep-2020
12 120111925 Masood Ahmed Noor Ahmed Mugheri 02-Sep-2020
13 120111739 Shoaib Hassan Muhammad Sajjad 02-Sep-2020
14 120111425 Taskeen Safdar Muhammad Safdar Khan 02-Sep-2020
15 120111618 Muhammed Taha Waqar Ghafoorraja 02-Sep-2020
16 120110780 Saim Sharif Muhammad Sharif 02-Sep-2020
17 120106040 Sami Ullah Riaz Muhammad Riaz 02-Sep-2020
18 120112174 Sardar Haider Khalil Khalil Ahmad 02-Sep-2020
19 120111850 Usama Bin Saeed Saeed Ahmed Bhatti 02-Sep-2020